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Clear Lemon is a form of lemonade in the UK, Ireland and Australia is a clear, lemon & lime flavoured carbonated beverage. It is found that the high concentration of citric acid in lemon juice is the basis for popular culture recommendations of consumption of lemonade to prevent calcium-based stone diseases

BevAal - COLA

Cola is a carbonated soft drink flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, citrus oils and other flavorings. The cola contains caffeine, which was originally sourced from the kola nut, leading to the drink’s name


Lucknowi Jeera is a carbonated flavoured drink made on the base of apple and roasted cumin. A great chaser and a straight beverage, the benefits of this millennium-old spice is a that it leaves an unmistakable, unique taste in your mouth. A sprinkle or two adds a flavor worthy of a kick and a punch into any dish, leaving its unique combination of aromatic tang and punchy heat inside, needless to mention of its digestive and antacid effects clubbed with the benefits of maleic acid


Club Soda is a pure carbonated drink with dissolved minerals as potassium bicarbonate, sodium citrate, potassium sulphates and treated on mineral water. This adds on as a chaser to any beverage to enhance the fizzy character which eventually helps in digestion and removes acidity


Litchee is a synthetic drink extracted out of the excellent properties of soapberry – Litchee! From weight loss to refreshments, from adding fibers to your beverage intake, litchee is also known to increase the immunity and helps in blood circulation thus keeping the blood pressure in order. Regular consumption of this beverage helps to keep the skin healthy

BevAal - MANGO

Mango is a synthetic mango drink that is pumped with goodness of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Mango drinks are all time favourite beverages to fight strain, humidity, refreshments, anti-nausea and general health. By far, one of the most favourite drinks across all areas and all seasons in this part of the subcontinent, the goodness of Mango is unparalleled