We are known by what we drink

ADG Aqua are pioneers in Beverage Research from Kolkata, India. We have re-initiated lot of lost beverages of the past, with all its values and nutrients incorporated in the Beverages that we have made. They range from all varieties in Cola to Apple-Jeera, from Passion Fruit Soft Drinks to Mango Juices, stuffed with Vitamins & Minerals. The ingredients are carefully crafted to ensure the right combination of palate before-and-after food. The carbonates, energy, carbohydrates and sugar compositions are best for consumption across all ages.

Our state-of-the-art plant, with modern machineries and with proper technicians, under the guidance of able scientists, have enabled us to make products worth reckoning. Primarily cold beverages, the distribution network is strong to make the products available to consumers and establishments, through our Channel Partners

ADG Aqua is committed to producing, distributing and sourcing responsibly; with robust and hygienic packaging, maintaining all safety standards under governance and regulations through our philosophy Good Health and Good Being

We have aptly used the natural extracts of herbal ingredients to ensure that nutrition is available to consumers in its best form, without compromising on the need for a classy beverage. Throw away the fear of modern times and enable the strength in the being through these beverages. All our inventions pass through a rigorous process of lab testing, analysis of ingredients and then launched into the market for consumers. All the products have used permitted food preservatives and extracts, as per the governing methods of food preparation. However, we do not claim any cure or remedy of any diseases and neither do we claim to be allergy-proof products. We always request the consumers to check their own health facts before consumption of any products