Corporate Code of Conduct

At M/S. ADG Aqua, we believe in purpose, vision and goal of doing business. We intend to create an ecosystem encompassing our consumers, our employees, our stakeholders, our suppliers and our environment.

We are company with ‘Zero-Tolerance’ towards environment pollution and have thus set our plant in accordance to the recommended guidelines. As an organisation that is committed to offer value proposition to our consumers, as compared to the regular products available in the market, we have benchmarked our standards to the highest order of quality and palate, that suits the connoisseur of beverages and across all ages

Our Commitment to Equality

We follow very collaborative work environment with constant endeavours for learning, knowledge enhancement and deliveries.

Our distribution network are collaboration partners and we enable them to grow as well. Our employees are offered the most secured environment and are trained to follow moral code of organisational conduct with no tolerance for ‘harassment’ towards any gender, race, caste, sex or creed.

Our Political Engagement

ADG Aqua believes in strong quality and work audit, both transactional and transformational, which is the most sustainable model for establishing an organisation of repute and confidence.

We work in ‘good-faith’ basis, which is apt of human kind and enable growth of all those associated with our organisation.

ADG Aqua is purely a beverage company and under no terms could be placed or positioned as a pharmaceutical company and hence the properties of ingredients used are dependent on the nature of the supply, it’s chemical properties, and as known to our technical team through research documents and acquired knowledge.

We do not claim any clinical trials of any of the product at any point in time.

Supplier Code of Conduct

We do not believe in ‘quid pro quo’ mechanisms, which may influence any compromise in trust, as we have established substantial trust in our consumers and our product quality with its deliveries.

We respect our competition and we do not intend to breach trust at any point in time. Any similarities that may ever be seen is purely coincidental and everyone is welcome to report the same to us at our email: for verification. Similarly, all our products are indigenously developed and no claims by any party would be entertained. All disputes of any nature are within the jurisdiction of the Hon’ble and Learned Courts of Kolkata